Video of the week

BB King and Bobby Blue Bland on Soul Train in 1975. All three are gone now, King, Bland and Don Cornelius, but they each had... Read more

KNKX one year

It’s been one year since KPLU shed its university affiliation and became 100% listener supported as KNKX. What’s different, besides the funding base? It’s still... Read more

Who’s CD Woodbury?

So who’s CD (Chris) Woodbury, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and this state’s rep at the next International Blues Challenge? He’s been playing the Northwest blues beat... Read more

Heading to Memphis

CD Woodbury won the band competition and Brett “Bad Blood” Benton teamed up with drummer Gordon Townsend to win the combined solo/duo competition in Snohomish... Read more

Hot band from Memphis

Speaking of IBC, one of the finalists from last year’s event is soaring in 2017, selling out tour dates across the country and releasing a... Read more