Video of the week

John Mayer with Keith Urban – Don’t Let Me down These two really have it down with the Beatles song at the 2013 Crossroads Guitar... Read more

Music heals

Music is known to have physical, emotional, and spiritual healing effects. KEXP, in collaboration with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center, is presenting Music... Read more

Video of the week

Sylvester Weaver and Sara Martin – Longing For Daddy Blues Dated 1923, said to be the first blues guitar recording. Weaver used a bottleneck guitar... Read more

Blues lingo

Want to expand your blues lingo? What’s a Salty Dog, and what was Howlin’ Wolf referring to when he sang Spoonful? Rock musician Debra Divi... Read more

Video of the week

Longer versions of Muslim Call to Prayer and Levee Camp Holler, referenced in Jonathan Curiel’s article (see previous post). Read more