An album to be remastered

My first encounter with the blues, going for $200 for a CD on Amazon?!? There are many other compilations by Eric Clapton, but this one needs to be remastered and re-released. There’s a special story behind it: It helped Slowhand‘s career when he was recovering from his heroin addiction. It also brought the second release of Layla, which was unsuccessful the first time. This time, it became Clapton’s most famous song. Me, I didn’t care if it was the blues, rock, or whatever you wanted to call it. It was just an amazing anthology, and I became Clapton’s biggest fan for life. It looks like there are some good deals in vinyl, if you’re into that. I highly recommend it.

I Ain’t Got You The Yardbirds
Hideaway John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
Tribute to Elmore Clapton & Jimmy Page
I Want to Know The Powerhouse
Sunshine of Your Love Cream
Crossroads Cream
Spoonful Cream
Badge Cream
Sea of Joy Blind Faith
Only You Know and I Know Delaney & Bonnie
I Don’t Want to Discuss It Delaney & Bonnie
Teasin’ King Curtis
Blues Power Eric Clapton
Tell the Truth Derek & the Dominos
Tell the Truth – Jam Derek & the Dominos
Layla Derek & the Dominos
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