Album of the year

Best album released so far this year in my opinion, James Cotton‘s Cotton Mouth Man is everything to be expected from the blues harp master.... Read more

Food feud blues

Hehe. Reading an article on “food feuds” this morning while listening to Robert Cray. Song that came up: Too Many Cooks (are gonna spoil the... Read more

Weekend blues programming

Weekends bring some fine blues programming, starting with Breakfast With the Blues from KRVM in Eugene. Programming is from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM (PDT)... Read more

Joe Bonamassa unplugged

Listen to Joe Bonamassa going acoustic on his new live album. Free song download! JoBo’s playing at the Paramount in Seattle on April 12th, don’t... Read more

Got an Android

Well I got an Android after all. Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. Nice sound, great display, and does a lot more than play music. Kind of... Read more

Captcha added

The site’s been getting pounded by spam lately. I’m adding a captcha to filter the comments, and I hope it’s not too inconvenient. I’ve tried... Read more