Blues for Al and Peggy

Amazing guitar number from Mike Morgan and the Crawl, a la Stevie Ray. Listen and see if it doesn’t replicate the blues rock master.

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One Reply to “Blues for Al and Peggy”

  1. The answer to this qutoeisn is neither yes or no, because Rock is really a merge of many types of music. It contains country, rock, blues, jazz, classical and motown. Yes, they do use blues scales, although blues scales is a rather vague term. The supposed blues scale is a hexatonic scale in other words, contains six pitches/notes containing these notes: C Eb F F# G Bb C. So it is possible to use the blues scale, because afterall, any scale is just a gathering of notes which sound good togeher. So, is it evolved from blues? yes, but not just blues. And odes it use blues scales? Sort off. Thats if you believe that the scale exists, which most would say it doesnt, afterall, blues is a thought and soul process, not a technical one.

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