Looking for something new

Well, my Clip Zip is near its end. It never came close to the advertised battery life (15 hours). I’m getting about four to six hours now, and it’s never given me more than eight hours in the year I’ve had it. I had a similar problem on the Clip+, though not as imperative as that was only speced at ten hours. I’m shopping around for something other than Sandisk this time, but checking Amazon and AnythingButiPod.com, the alternatives run into hundreds of dollars on the price tag, or I can get an iPod :(. That’s out of the question.

Many of the current players are actually complete Android devices. This would be nice to have, but all I really want is a good quality, dedicated music player. An expansion slot is essential, and hopefully better battery life than I’ve had with Sansa. I’m thinking of paying approximately $50 – $60, but might go higher. Any recommendations? I’m sure there’s something out there to meet my needs and I’d like to hear your suggestions.

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