Southern blues at its best

Mike Zito is pretty busy these days. He’s touring with Royal Southern Brotherhood, formed last year by Zito and Devon Allman. He produced Samantha Fish‘s new album, due in October, and he’s released his fourth solo album and sounds better than ever. Greyhound was great, but Gone to Texas is better yet and puts Zito over the top with its genuine southern blues and rock.

Originally from Missouri and with a distinct twang, and pretty dexterous on the guitar, Zito is reminiscent of the southern rock bands of the 70s, but dedicated to his blues roots. The title track, a song about starting life over in Texas, builds up the feeling for a southern atmosphere. And what could be more atmospheric than a song about hurricanes (I Never Knew a Hurricane), and an acoustic number about a man on Death Row.

This is the best southern blues album I’ve heard in a while. Royal Southern Brotherhood, with Allman Brothers heir Devon, is another one to hear, but they have some kinks to work out, and I hope Zito doesn’t abandon his solo career. That’s where he’s been at his best.

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