Walter has a liver!

Walter Trout finally has a liver. He’s in surgery right now. More to come.

[UPDATE 5/26/2014] The operation was successful. The surgeons performed to Walter’s music! No complications, and now it’s just a matter of healing. It looks good.

Memorial Day

You were a stranger
Yet you are
Now and forever
A part
Of us

We will always
Your generous act
Of faith and courage
That liberated

My love’s
Virus and
Battle-scarred liver
From its life of
And dimly appreciated

You are a hero
Or heroine
And in death
You saved
Many lives

Medal of Honor
Is more than
A mere piece
Of metal

Your medal lives
Each time my love
Me in the eye
Each time he
His sons
Each time
He leads
With music

You are our
Unsung donor champion
Allow me to sing
This song of honor
And gratitude
To you

What your impact was
In life
We will
Never learn
But please know
What your service meant
In death

–Marie Trout

Please become an organ donor…..

[UPDATE 5/28/2014] Walter is up and about, making quick progress. There’s a local news story about his battle here.

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