NW blues profile: Curtis Salgado

Born in Everett in 1954 and based in Eugene, Curtis Salgado began his professional career with The Nighthawks in the late 60s, notable as the inspiration for The Blues Brothers. Salgado met John Belushi in Eugene during the filming of Animal House, and the album Briefcase Full of Blues was dedicated to him. A gifted harp player, he joined Robert Cray from there, recording Cray’s debut album Who’s Been Talkin’? in 1980.

Salgado began his solo career in the early 90s, recording an album, Curtis Salgado & The Stilettos, in 1991. This is no longer in circulation, although it can be found on Amazon, as a collectible. He signed with the Shanachie label in 1999, recording four albums over nine years, and finally finding his way to Alligator Records in 2012.

Between his time with Shanachie and Alligator, Salgado survived a liver transplant and lung cancer, taking him off the circuit for a few years. As he is in his music, Salgado is a fighter and came out stronger than ever. He’s only released one album with Alligator, Soul Shot, but still tours and will be at The Jazzbones on November 6h. Tickets are available in advance, so get out and witness this NW blues legend.

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