Flash sucks

I hate Flash. When HTML5 was released, some people predicted Flash would be gone within months. It’s been two years, and it’s still the dominant platform for media content on the Web. Adobe stopped releasing new versions for Linux way back at 11.2, except for security patches. Now it’s completely broken, and I can’t play Spotify or my favorite radio stations. I can’t play videos or even GIFs in Facebook. Last night, my system came to a halt watching a progress chart for a football game. I might switch to Chrome, but Firefox is my choice and is a better browser for my PC.

There’s a whole generation of web designers who came along in Adobe Suite. I used to work at a college. The web design classes were entirely within Adobe, except for one time a quarter, students would create a couple of pages in a plain text editor using HTML code. This was a big challenge for most of them, and they wouldn’t go away from the suite after that. Is it going to be another generation before we move past this? My desktop will be a dinosaur by then.

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