Jimmy Page & The Yardbirds

Guitar World has put together some solo tracks by guitarist Jimmy Page from his brief stint with the The Yardbirds. Page was the last of three great guitarists featured by the band, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck having had their careers launched with YB. Page was already famous in the industry as a session guitarist, and his time with the band was very short. The album they recorded together, Little Games, didn’t get much acclaim at the time, and Page left to form Led Zeppelin soon after. These are, however, some of his finer moments.

Wanna hear more of Page’s early stuff? Tribute To Elmore has some impromptu studio jams between Page and Clapton when the latter first joined YB. Page is only credited on a couple of tracks, but he was the studio guitarist for the band and is present through most of the album. It’s a great collection, and is recommended for any fan of the 60s British blues rock revolution.

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