Blues studies at TESC

The Evergreen State College is offering a 16 credit course study in the blues this Spring. Andrew Buchman, DMA, and Chico Herbison, PhD, present “‘As Real as Rain’: The Blues and American Culture,” looking into its roots and influences and applying the theory behind the blues in the context of US and African American culture. There will be performances by students, and possible trips to live blues venues. I’d love to do this. The cost and the commute hold me back. If you’re interested, though, registration for non-enrolled students begins March 20th, and the Spring quarter starts April 3rd. For more information, call the information desk at (360) 867-7385, or email . Be patient, they’re very busy with Spring registration.

I went to Evergreen many years ago, and with drinking and personal problems, it was a disaster for me. But they have great faculty, intriguing courses and highly-regarded degree programs. It’s always high on the list of liberal arts colleges. It’s a good place to learn and expand your horizons.

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