Sonny Landreth live

If you missed Sonny Landreth at the Triple Door this week, he still has a date at Jazzbones in Tacoma on Saturday. In the meantime, you can hear his upcoming album Recorded Live in Lafayette on Premier Guitar and get the gist of what he’s bringing.

The show starts laid back and acoustic. Sonny and the band are seated on the stage with an odd collection of instruments. Drummer Brian Brignac uses a simple, vertical staff and a cymbal, while bassist Dave Ranson plays an undersized wooden box that almost looks like a ukulele. Sonny’s guitar is unusual; at first glance, I thought of a banjo, and it has a kind of a twang. But he plays it slide, with a enticing effect. The second half is electric and high-energy, with rocking jams. They’re back on their feet, Brian playing a full drum set now. Sonny rises to another level. Eric Clapton calls him one of the the most advanced and most underrated guitar players in the world. Come out to see what he’s talking about on Saturday.

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