Janiva at Jazz Alley

Janiva Magness was spectacular at the Jazz Alley last night, as she always is. I’m always mesmerized when she belts out I Won’t Cry with her strong voice and tender lyrics, and that was her opening number. At about halfway, she went into a story about a social worker seeking her guidance for a young lady, 16 years old, going through struggles similar to Janiva in her early years. The story was a little long, but ended it with a new song, a moving number inspired by the circumstance.

Janiva’s band has been shaken up recently, with members moving on to other pastures. This group is so new, her Facebook page doesn’t even reflect the change yet. But they really rock, and there’s no loss of continuity. They’re Janiva’s band, and support her with cohesion and harmony.

There are still tickets for sale for tonight’s show. Get yours before it sells out.

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