After net neutrality

There was no surprise in the FCC vote this week, and it will have a proufound effect on the music industry. Radio will pick up some of the slack, but stations won’t reach nearly as wide of an audience, with web streams reduced or even cut off from listeners entirely. There’s hope in Seattle, at least: Municipal broadband is gaining new momentum. It’s always been a popular idea, but now an alternative to the Comcast/CenturyLink duopoly is more urgent than ever. City council member Rob Johnson has already proposed a budget amendment to put a plan into action, and member Kshama Sawant is calling on her constituents to speak out on the issue. Newly elected mayor Jenny Durkan is on record as liking the concept, but rejecting it as too cost prohibitive. Contact Durkan and the council and tell them this is an investment that will pay for itself, both financially and as a paramount public service. It will be as intrinsic as electricity. Seattle can be a pocket of freedom in a post-net neutrality world.

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