Cross genre band you need to see

DJ Clany Dunigan handed the mic to an under the radar group for two hours this week, and they brought the studio down. The Rafael Tranquilino Band, with guitarist Rafael and vocalist Leah Tussing, play some spectacular cross-genre blues, rock and jazz that will chill you. Their live album, Cliffhanger, demonstrates some tight guitar playing and a sweet voice creating a soulful, energetic, sound they like to call “music without borders.”

At this time, Leah is the manager, and they’re playing a couple of local gigs a month. Their performance on Clancy’s might bring them a wider audience. Next up is an appearance at The Anchor Pub on January 14th. Leah also appears every Tuesday at The Madison Pub in Everett. Set a date, and go out to see this talented musical extraordinaire.

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