Coronavirus blues

While some large events have been canceled in lieu of the COVID-19 virus scare, all of the local music venues seem to be going on with their scheduled gigs. This might change as things progress. I’ll update this post as I hear of any new developments. Please comment below if you know of any I’m missing.

[UPDATE 3/09/2020] I have tickets for Karen Lovely and Stacy Jones at The Tractor Tavern next Sunday, and I don’t think I’m going to drop that date yet, but a lot can change in the next few days. My girlfriend and I have been sneezing. That isn’t a common symptom of the virus, but it’s something to watch.

[UPDATE 3/10/2020] Dave Segal makes some observations on the impact of the virus on Seattle’s night scene.

[UPDATE 3/11/2020] This pretty much seals it. Maybe ticket sales cn be be capped at 200?

[UPDATE 3/11/2020] Karen and Stacy have canceled their show, so I won’t have to make a hard decision this weekend.

[UPDATE 3/12/2020] The Stranger has a calendar of canceled, rescheduled, or confirmed events.

[UPDATE 3/16/2020] And the party’s over. Lock the doors, crank up the volume, and stream your northwest favorites on Spotify.

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